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About Brita Lee


Exhibition at Alberta Art Gallery

January 25, 2025

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Brita Lee is an Artist, Writer and Psychic Tarot Reader. Her interest in the paranormal and in the speculative informs her creative work.

As an artist she is eclectic, experimenting with different styles and genres, however her art is strongly based in the natural world. Portraits and life drawing underpin her practice, as well as plein air painting, often using photographs to complete work later.

Brita has worked as a teacher both at university and in private workshops as well as Endeavour College of Natural Medicine. 

Her extensive experience living in Southeast Asia influences her work with Japanese, Chinese, and Indonesian and imagery and themes of nature..


Master of Arts Visual Arts and Indonesian Studies

Dip Arts Visual and Applied

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Curator at Miami Art Gallery

January 25, 2025



​Since 1997 I discovered I was able to do psychic readings. Beginning on psychic lines,  as I grew in confidence I worked Expos and  started my own business, offering readings, Reiki healing, and other natural modalites. Since 2014 I've been a reader in the Melbourne and Sydney Mind Body Spirit Fesivals. I began Zoom readings during the lockdown in Melbourne 2020. It's wonderful to be able to read for my clients wherever they are. I'm sometimes asked if it's just a good as in person. It's different but just as good, and in some ways more relaxing for the client as they can make themselves comfortable at home without having to travel.  My way of working is to allow the client to guide the reading depending of what is most important to focus the reading on.  I believe we all have free will and can influence our future by looking at the potential at hand.

There is no fate, only destiny that we can create for ouselves.

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