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Inspiration for the work:

As a newcomer to Western Australia, I was astonished at the variety and uniqueness of the native plants, forests and animals unique to the State.

This is the largest of a series of paintings inspired by the Karri forests of the Southwest of Western Australia. The two side panels focus on the forest floor, an ecosystem of leaf litter, twigs and bark in fantastic shapes and colour, nurturing understorey native plants that live in the shade of the incredibly tall karri trees.

The central panel depicts the granite mountain, Mount Frankland, as imagined in the moonlight.

The mysterious birds, insects and butterflies emerge from their hiding places, the wind creates small whirlwinds, only visible when it picks up dry leaves in its spiral dance.

Brightly coloured fungi, seeds, flowers stand out against the earth colours. The piece of bark in the left panel resembles a dragon.


W 176.0 cm  H 125.0 cm  D 3.5 cm (frame edge). 

Oil paint and mixed media on triptyke of three stretched canvases. Professionally framed in beautiful timber imported from the U. S.  The canvases have been framed to create one artwork.

Ready to hang.

Packing and handling, and freight costs will depend on buyer location. Please contact us, via chat or email for any inquiries.

Weight quoted includes packaging material.


Granite Mountain Forest Floor

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