I was inspired to create an image of Lockdown in my home district of the Mornington Peninsula, specifically Frankston, which is where the Melbourne train line ends. Without thinking too much about it, I picked up a padlock that was lying around in a mess of old keys, and noticed straightaway that the brand name Lockwood almost exactly matched Lockdown, a little touch of irony, as a padlock is to keep stuff safe and the covid lockdown is to keep us safe. I live in a beautiful environment, but isolation affects each of us, sometimes in different ways, I also really felt the benefit of pets to keep us company, especially as my precious cat who was over nineteen years old, died peacefully on Anzac Day (making sure I would always remember the date!) His passing has left an empty space in the house and in my life.
We all have challenges and fears at this time, but making use of the time in creative ways helps us get through it.

'Lockdown' is painted in acrylic on stretchedcanvas, signed on the back.

30cm  W x 40 cm H x 2 cm W. 

Ready to hang

Lockdown at the End of the Line