31cm (W) x 22.5cm (H) 3.0 cm D


Acrylic on canvas, black-painted edges.

Ready to hang.

Framing can be arranged at an additional cost.


These little cottages in sight of the tall buildings dominated by the Eureka Tower are what I love about Melbourne, the juxaposition of old and new, modern and heritage. I painted this one in a semi-realist style in acrylic on canvas. I also enjoy the details of the streets including cars, as they are a part of life we can't do without. I have painted many street scenes and also portraits of houses - often for couples who renovated their dream home and are selling but want a memento they can take with them to put in their new home. I think 'home' is something we can't take for granted. We all need one and there are too many today who are homeless.


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Richmond Cottage