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Psychic Tarot Readings with Brita Lee

My Journey as a Psychic Reader

I began counselling clients with Psychic Tarot Readings in 1997 while I was going through training as a Reiki Master Teacher. Through that process I discovered the gift of psychic reading.
I only offer readings that are positive and empowering. A reading can cover future events, relationships, past lives, work, finance including current situations and past events that may influence them.
Your reading will also touch on your spiritual path, spiritual guidance, and totem animals and angels helping you. In times of confusion and uncertainty a reading can give clarity on options or choices available.

Zoom readings a great choice  at this time of unpredictable changes.I have been a reader in the Mind Body Spirit Psychic Reading Room in Melbourne and Sydney since 2014.

When the MBS Festival is cancelled, readings are always available in the Psychic Reading Zoom Room.

Book a private reading now with Brita Lee:

  1 hour         $ 95 
  40 minutes  $ 75 (Zoom Reading only)


For enquiries and bookings, please contact Brita via the chat box or  email:

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